Did you know that most foster children are often denied many normal “rights of passage” such as attending a prom or purchasing yearbooks and class rings? These “normal” yet very special times in a young person’s life are just unattainable dreams for those living in foster care.

Financial donations to the Kathryn A. Basile Foster A Dream Foundation help to make these everyday, but very special experiences possible, helping to turn unfulfilled dreams into reality. Your donations provide these experiences and many more such as:

  • Participating in a team sport
  • Attending school field trips and special events
  • Taking swim or music lessons
  • Uniforms / Prom Gowns
  • Senior cap & gown
  • Graduation pictures
  • Yearbook
  • Class rings

Through the generosity of our donors, we have also been able to provide certain of our grant recipients with important “next step” education and college-related items such as laptop computers and software.

These kinds of opportunities should be part of every young person’s life, but often children and young adults in foster care do not have the resources required. Basic, positive experiences and opportunities like these help to build self-esteem, strength of character, and confidence.

Possessing these qualities will undoubtedly help to eliminate the “risk” factor and replace it with educated, productive and accomplished young adults.

All monetary contributions to the Foster A Dream Foundation are Tax-Deductible and 100% of every dollar goes to the needs of foster children.

Thank you for your support!

You may also mail donations to

Kathryn A. Basile Foster A Dream Foundation
P.O. Box 7338
Port St. Lucie, FL 34985